Accessing Department Fileshare

The primary mountpoint that Faculty and Staff may want to access is the Dept directory. This is a samba mount on fs1.


Methods for Access

Ultimately you can use whatever tool(s) you prefer. We have provided a couple of examples below but there is no “Support Prescribed” solution.

Regardless, the file server is only accessible from systems within the department. It is not currently accessible directly from VPN (this may change in the future); as such once you have connected via the VPN then you would need to connect to your workstation in your office.

Linux - gio

  1. Connect to VPN

  2. Connect to your system

  3. If in a GUI session open a terminal

  4. Issue gio command

  5. Authenticate

  6. Change to directory


strongbad@linux-03:gio mount smb://
Password required for share dept on
User [strongbad]:
Domain [WORKGROUP]: csci
strongbad@linux-03:~$ cd /run/user/$(id -u)/gvfs
strongbad@linux-03:/run/user/12345/gvfs$ ls ',share=dept'
strongbad@linux-03:/run/user/12345/gvfs$ cd smb-share\:server\\,share\=dept/
strongbad@linux-03:/run/user/12345/gvfs/,share=dept$ ls

Linux - GUI

  1. Connect to VPN

  2. Connect to your system

  3. Open your window manager

  4. Select Other Locations in the bottom left corner of your window 01

  5. Enter the mountpoint in the Connect to Server bar at the bottom and Press Connect 02

  6. Select Registered radio button, set domain to csci, and enter CS credentials and press Connect 03

Windows - GUI

Images will be coming soon

  1. Connect to VPN

  2. Connect to your system

  3. Open File Explorer

  4. Right-Click on This PC

  5. Select Add a network location

  6. Choose a custom network location

  7. Enter \\\Dept and select Browse

  8. If prompted, enter your CS Credentials

  9. Enter a name for the location