CS Labs

Main Labs Supported

  • CF 162

  • CF 164

  • CF 165

  • CF 167

  • CF 405

  • CF 420

Software Availability in the Lab

Many software packages are available in the Labs. We try to keep the configuration lean and poll faculty quarterly on what they need for the next term. If you are curious about what is on the image, please look at one of the below hyperlinks.

Lab Software


There are two printers in our labs, one in CF 405 and one in CF 162. If you have a computer science account, you can print class-related materials with these printers. All of {162, 164, 165, 167} can print to the 162 printer. Only the 405 lab machines may be used to print to the printer in CF 405.

For those of you familiar with the lpr command the names you’ll use with this on the command line is CF405 or CF162 and similarly for commands like lpq or lprm. For those of you unfamiliar, please look at our Advanced CLI page.

Proximity Cards

Any declared CS major may apply for a proximity card here. See the CS Department Manager or CS Department Assistant for help.