Remote Access Quick Start Guide

This portion of our site is targeted to get users authenticated remotely to the Computer Science Department’s network.

Please use the navigation bar to the left of the screen to navigate this site.

Technical Assistance

If you need assistance with accessing a resource or utilizing a tool please reach out to your TA or Instructor. TA’s that have an issue they cannot resolve should forward the issue on to the Instructor.

Connecting to VPN

After you have successfully connected, for further documentation and information please browse to

Remote access is handled in two steps.
  1. Connect to VPN (either WWU or CS)

  2. Connect to specific resource (most often via SSH)


Someone must have a Computer Science account to access the resources in the Computer Science Department. Other University users do not have access by default and must acquire access from the department.

The first step to connecting to the VPN is choosing which VPN you will be using.



Uses Universal Account

Uses CS Account

Still treated as external to the department

Treated as if access is from within CS Space

Operationally these two options are similar. If it is unclear which you should use, we suggest starting with the CSCI VPN and then if you have troubles with that you can try the University VPN.

Connecting to CSCI Systems

The vast majority of users are just looking for a system to work from in linux. After authenticating and connecting via a VPN connection, a user can connect to various systems in the department. The most common need is to connect to a lab system in linux to complete coursework. The easiest way to do so is to open one’s terminal of choice and input the below command.

ssh -p922 ${username}


You will be prompted to enter your credentials twice.


Whenever you see ${username} replace it with your cs username (be sure to remove the ${} notation as well).

This will connect to a lab system which has the least amount of utilization in order to give you a better experience.