Installing the CSCI VPN client for Windows

Use of the VPN is required to access department resources. This provides greater security than if department-operated systems were exposed directly to the Internet. The VPN is for use from off-campus only; it is not necessary to use the VPN from on-campus.

To install the Computer Science department VPN, open the web browser of your choice and browse to You will be presented with a window that looks similar to the following:

OpenVPN Download page

Click the “Download OpenVPN Connect for Windows” link to download the VPN client, and save the file in a known location, such as the “Downloads” folder:

OpenVPN Download page

Double-click on the installer.

Windows Explorer window

Proceed through the series of setup dialogue boxes, first accepting the license agreement.

OpenVPN Setup dialogue box OpenVPN Setup dialogue box OpenVPN Setup dialogue box

Finish the setup, and the OpenVPN Connect client will launch.

OpenVPN Setup dialogue box

Click the light-grey “X” (circled in red) to close the introduction page.

OpenVPN intro page

Accept the terms and click OK to close the page detailing latest updates.

OpenVPN accept terms

Download this configuration file by right-clicking on it and selecting “Save Link As”. This file should go in the same location as before (e.g. Downloads folder).

Windows Explorer window

On the “Import Profile” page, select “FILE”, circled in red, then drag-and-drop the file that was just downloaded into the blue box.

Import profile

The “Imported Profile” box will be displayed next. Verify the settings are loaded as displayed, then provide your CS (not general university) username and password, and click “Connect”.

VPN client profile

Upon successfully connecting, the VPN client will display the following dialogue.

After the VPN client is connected, you may use your system as normal, connect to Computer Science department resources, etc.

Connected VPN client

When you are finished, please disconnect from the VPN by clicking the green toggle. The VPN client can be minimized to the system try (by the clock), which has an icon that appears lower-right in the following image.

OpenVPN system tray icon

To start another session, the client may be re-opened by clicking the system tray icon, or the corresponding icons on the desktop or start menu.

OpenVPN start menu entries