CS Support Services

CS Support does not directly service requests from students. If you are a student and have a problem with any of the CS Support managed systems or infrastructure, please contact your T.A. or instructor.

Note: No support is provided for individual (personal) faculty, student, or research lab systems.

We may advise, but do not purchase or spec faculty or staff systems

We provide cables, adapters, etc. only for curricular needs

List of systems maintained

CS Academic Computer labs

  • CF162

  • CF164

  • CF165

  • CF167

  • CF405

  • CF420

The Linux CoW

  • linux.cs.wwu.edu, is a round-robin DNS entry for linux-01 through linux-12.

CS T.A. Office Systems

  • CF163

CS Infrastructure and Services

Compute cluster

The Computer Science department has a cluster maintained in cooperation with the College of Science and Engineering

MySQL and MySQLWeb

The MySQL database used by CSCI 330 and CSCI 348 are administered by CS Support. Accounts are created at the end of the add/drop period for students and credentials are given to the faculty teaching the class so they can distribute them to students.

Users can create a database matching their username, and the following wildcard pattern: username_%, where % is the SQL wildcard similar to * in a shell.


CS Support runs the OpenVPN servers that grant remote access to resources. At this time almost all services require access from the campus network (including Wi-Fi), or connecting to the VPN.

Studentweb (sw.cs) and Facultyweb (fw.cs)

Web directories are created for each CSCI student when their account is created. The directories are accessible via the academic systems under the directory /web/students/$USER. Faculty can access their directory under /web/faculty/$USER. Student pages must be readable by other (chmod 705 works well). Faculty pages must be readable by grp.csci.faculty (chmod 750 works well).

File storage

  • Network home directories are available in /home/$USER for faculty and staff on academic systems. Network home directories are not available to research systems.

  • Network storage for academic classes is made available on a quarter by quarter basis on the SSD pool. Faculty should contact us no later than the end of first week of the quarter to ensure it is provisioned in a timely manner for their class.

  • Network storage for miscellaneous department documents is made available to faculty and staff.

  • Network storage for research

    Network research storage is available to all academic and research labs.

HTCondor Lab Scheduler

Students may submit research jobs to run on idle desktops in the academic labs. Directions can be found in the Cluster F.A.Q.

VMs for senior projects (Only requested by faculty)

Faculty advising senior projects can request a VM be allocated for their projects, but there must be a well defined project termination date. Resource allocations will adhere to the guidelines decided on by CEEC.


Wired Ethernet

CS Support configures the wired ethernet ports in all CS Academic and Research Labs, and faculty offices. Not all network jacks are connected. If you need more devices in your office or research lab please let us know and can check for available network jacks.


DHCP is used to assign static addresses to all academic, faculty, and research systems. If you need to add a device to your office or research lab please let us know and can update your allocations.


The cs.wwu.edu and it’s subdomains are controlled by CS Support. If your project is hosted on CSCI infrastructure, we can allocate a record for you.

Regarding Campus Wi-Fi

Campus Wi-Fi is manged by the EIS group. If you are faculty using a Western provided device, we are happy to help troubleshoot your problem, though we may ultimately have to defer you due to not managing the infrastructure. If you are a student having difficulty with Wi-Fi on your personal device, you should contact ATUS.


  • CF405 and CF162 Printers - Pre-configured for printing from CSCI academic labs only

  • Ricoh Copier/Scanner/Printer in CSCI Offices Hallway

  • We do not replace the paper in these printers

Other Resources

  • A/V is managed by ATUS

  • Power - Facilities Management

  • Communication (Phone), Email, and Calendars - ATUS

  • Furniture - Department Manager

  • Lab scheduling - 25Live

  • Prox Cards - eSign Form / See CSCI Front Desk

  • If you have a problem with your personal or research lab system, here are suggestions for places to get help:

    Students may want to speak to their peers, their T.A., their instructor, or ATUS.