Configuring the Ricoh Printer

Only staff and faculty can print to the Ricoh.

The current model is a Ricoh MP C4504.

A note on Color Printing

The printer is capable of color printing however only for certain users. If you send a print job with color selected and you do not have access it will display as an authentication error.

Windows Setup

The printer is deployed to FacStaff hosts in Active Directory using a GPO.

All a user will need to do is set their print code.

  1. Browse to the printer

  2. Right click

  3. Select Printing Preferences

  4. Select the Detailed Settings Tab

  5. Select Job Setup

  6. In there where the User Code is entered, enter the code and select apply

Note the image below is for a different model but the layout is the same.


Linux Setup

If you find you need the drivers during this process they can be downloaded here.

  1. Select Ubuntu action button

  2. Select printers

  3. Select Add

  4. Select find network printer

  5. Enter the IP( as the host and select find

  6. When it asks you for the drivers select Ricoh and scroll down the list to ‘Ricoh MP C4504’

  7. Port will be 9100; Connection is AppSocket/HP JetDirect; Select Forward

  8. Select Internal Tray 2 installed

  9. Select Finisher as SR3210

  10. Select Forward

  11. Name it so that you recognize what printer it is

Afterwards you need to add the user code via cups.

  1. In a browser go to http://localhost:631/

  2. Select printers on the top bar

  3. Select the Ricoh-MP-4504 from the queue

  4. Select the Drop Down Option for Administration

  5. Select the Set Default Options

  6. Select the Job Log option

  7. Then enter the code in the UserCode Field (the User Code Drop Down needs to say Custom UserCode)

Apple Setup

  1. Download the Ricoh dmg file here

  2. Run the .dmg on the machine to install the ppd file

  3. Open the System Preferences and go to Printers & Scanners

  4. Press the little ‘+’ sign to add a printer (remove any other “Ricoh” printers that don’t work)

  5. Enter the ip into the Address line

  6. The program should automatically find the ppd you installed earlier

  7. Have the faculty open a print dialog for any file

  8. Find the Job Log options in a dropdown menu somewhere

  9. Enter the faculty’s username into User ID and their faculty print code into the User Code after checking the checkbox to use a print code

Setup via a PPD File

If you prefer to use a ppd file, we have uploaded a file which is linked below. Please right-click on the link to save the file:


It is already set to default to black and white printing.

Other settings also are needed: UserCode, UserId

If a user wants all of their jobs set to code release by default the setting is: JobType=LockedPrint

For the code release one would also need to set LockedPrintPassword to their code.