What is IRC?

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a protocol mainly used for group communication via discussion forums.

Why should I use it?

To stay in touch with people in the department. People pop in and out of IRC channels all the time to ask questions, get help, and just chat.

How do I use it?

Use one of the clients we have installed in the labs. In the absence of these clients (they are not currently installed in some labs) you can use Freenode’s webchat.

Windows Clients

Linux Clients

Command Line Clients

Graphical Clients

I’m sick of constantly disconnecting and reconnecting.

To maintain a persistent connection to an IRC server use tmux or byobu (which is really just a collection of tmux configs) on one of the Linux machines.

user@cf416-01 ~$ ssh linux-10 user@linux-10 ~$ tmux user@linux-10 ~$ weechat

When you are ready to disconnect simply detach from your tmux/byobu session and logout. The session will be there waiting for you the next time you login on that machine.

Are there any WWU CS channels?

Yes! Please check out #wwucs and #wwu-alumni on