Common Problems


Here are just a few things we have noticed people get stuck up on here in the Computer Science Department.

“Firefox is already running”

This error pops up if you have firefox running on another machine. Maybe you were in another lab and locked your computer instead of logging out and left a firefox session running. You could go chase down the computer you were at and log out of your session there or you can stay at your computer and open a terminal and follow these instructions.

In the root of your profile (aka your home directory something like “/home/${username}/” or simply “~” at the end of your prompt in your terminal) you will need to go into the ~/.mozilla/firefox/${some string of characters}.default/ folder. in here you will see a hidden folder named .parentlock and you will want to delete that file. After you do that, you should be able to open up firefox.

To summarize what to do is:

  1. cd ~/.mozilla/firefox/${some string of characters}.default

  2. rm .parentlock

  3. Open firefox finally!!

Alternatively you can do:

  1. cd ~/.mozilla

  2. find -delete . -name .parentlock (the -d flag deletes the folder for you when the command find finds it according to the man pages)

“Enter your password to unlock your login keyring”

You may have seen this after your profile comes up when you log into Linux. If you have noticed your screen essentially acts frozen unless you continuously cancel the dialog, other than logging out there is nothing you can do except hit cancel until the dialog goes away only to log in again and go through the same process again. Instead if you go into your ~/.local/share/keyrings/ folder you will see file(s) with the .keyring file extensions. If you delete the one called login.keyring the dialog will go away.

To summarize, open terminal and:

  1. cd ~/.local/share/keyrings/

  2. rm login.keyring

  3. The next time you log in, you will not see a prompt for your password

You may see another keyring in there and if you have seen a similar prompt when starting other applications deleting those keyring files will end the prompting as well.

Windows has weird lines on display


Come across this before? We believe this to be a cabling issue for when Windows configures its display. To remedy this right away simply reboot the machine and put it back into Windows if you are looking to use that OS.