CSCI Account

What is it?

The Department of Computer Science manages its own computer labs. As a result, computer science students are given their own separate computer science department accounts. These accounts will use the same username as your general student account, but the password is managed separately.

New Students

If you have not attended a CSCI course (including CISS and DATA) before then you will not have an account until at least 24 hours after the registrar officially enrolls you in the course. New accounts are created each day during the initial add-drop period (typically the first two weeks of each quarter).

No notice is sent when your account has been created, you will need to login to the password reset site to set your initial password in order to use the account.

If you are able to connect to the site below and are presented with a password reset page, then your account has been created. If instead you login and receive an error then your CSCI account most likely has not been created yet.


If by Friday afternoon of the second week of classes you are still unable to set your password, then please contact CS Support.

Setting up your Account

Once you are enrolled you can go to the website It will ask you to authenticate with your Universal Account (the same account you use to sign in to ATUS labs). Once you have done so you can set the password for your CSCI Account.

Reset Password

If you have forgotten your CSCI Account’s password or it has expired, you can visit to reset your password. If your account has become locked because you failed your login too many times in quick succession, resetting your password will unlock your account.