Connecting via CSCI VPN

Computer Science VPN General Information

The departmental VPN service is powered by OpenVPN. To use the VPN, you will need to download a client as well as a configuration file, both below.

OpenVPN Client Software

Client downloads are avaiable for several platforms, here, and many Linux/BSD distros and variants offer a client through their respective package management systems.


The below-listed configuration files should be used when connecting to the department VPN service. They contain not only the configuration options necessary for connecting, but also an embedded SSL certificate authority that is used for verifying the authenticity of the service.

There are currently two departmental VPN endpoints, each with their own client configuration, downloadble at the following links:

  • General / student VPN. This endpoint is accessible to all users.

  • Faculty / Staff VPN. This endpoint is accessable only to faculty and staff. TAs and other student employees should use the general / student VPN (above) unless otherwise advised.

Computer Science VPN tutorials

The following instructions are available for getting connected to the Computer Science VPN, which affords more seamless access into the Computer Science network than the WWU campus VPN.