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Computer Science Department Acceptable Use Policy


The Computer Science Department provides computer lab environments that are designed to allow the completion of curricular work. The department desires to foster an environment conducive to academic pursuits. In accordance with that, you are expected to adhere to the ATUS Acceptable Use Policy and behavior should be in line with the University Mission Statement. Furthermore it is expected that all members of the community adhere to the ACM Code of Ethics.

Community Members are expected to comply with this policy per the POL-U3000.04 Computer Use-Responsible Computing document.

Code of Conduct

Access to computer labs, servers, etc is contingent on an individual’s behavior. Below is a non-exhaustive list of guidelines for behavior, which is presented in no particular order.

Acceptable Use

There are many things the department encourages you to do.

  • Do learn

  • Do explore

  • Do test

  • Do play

Always ask yourself “Could this negatively impact others?”. If the answer is “Yes” then do not do it.


Consider your cleanliness when entering a lab. Not doing so can, over time, damage the environments or hardware and can cause extra work for building custodial staff.

  • Do Not wear strong scents (cologne, perfume, etc.) for the consideration of your peers

  • Do Not track in mud/dirt if able (wipe feet outside building)

  • Do Not eat in the labs (certain special events may allow food if approved by the department)

  • Do Not drink from open containers (bottles with lids are acceptable)

  • Do Not leave a lab door propped open if the lab is empty

  • Do practice good personal hygiene for the consideration of your peers

  • Do remove all trash when you leave

If you cause a mess in a departmental space it is your responsibility to clean it up.

Respect and Safety

It is expected that users exercise due respect for others, such as:

  • Do Not use vulgar language in the department (verbal or written)

  • Do Not disturb other users in the the department (if asked to quiet down, please do so)

  • Do Not disrupt other users’ work intentionally (if someone is using a system in an abusive manner, see below for reporting a problem)

  • Do Not abuse systems or work in a manner which blocks other users from using the resource as well

While interacting, evaluate whether something you are saying may offend someone. If the answer is “Yes”, then do not say it. If you realize you have offended someone, please have the grace to apologize. The faculty and staff of the Computer Science Department require that all students foster an environment that is both inclusive and collegial at all times.

The department is intended to be a safe and secure environment for all community members.

Reporting an issue

If you see a problem with behavior or experience it first hand, please report it to the Department Chair, Computer Science Community Office.

If you see something broken or break something PLEASE notify the department immediately. We do not want to punish you; we need to know something is damaged so we can replace it as soon as possible. Many times during a quarter labs are completely full and any system that isn’t functioning can prevent multiple students from completing work.


If you have taken some action that needs correction, CS Support may lock your account or otherwise restrict system access until you speak with us. Additionally, the department may take action which may include loss of access to Computer Science resources.

Should your actions also violate other university, college, or department policies, you will still be held accountable per relevant procedure.


The Acceptable Use Policy may be revised, without notice, at any time, at the discretion of the department.