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Welcome to the CS support page

If you would like to contact us directly, we can be reached at x6518 or via

CS Technical Survival Guide

If you are new to the CS Department or have a basic question, check out this FAQ-esque guide.

Password Reset

If you have to set or reset your password for any reason, go to You will be prompted to log in to your universal account (so we know who you are) and then you will be able to change your password.

Computer Usage Agreement

The University's computer usage agreement can be found at This agreement applies to all computer labs, offices and meeting spaces managed by the Computer Science Department. Exceptions will be made only when a required assignment in a computer science class specifically authorizes students to violate elements of this policy.

In the Computer Science Department's labs, all computer, network, and lab usage is monitored, including the recording of video in the labs. We retain the right to use this information to investigate violations of the usage agreement. Specifically, the usage agreement forbids students from leaving a mess, propping doors open, or altering any equipment in the labs. Additionally, CF 414 has extra restrictions that prohibit food, drink and noise above a quiet conversation.

While the usage agreement helps us to protect the equipment in our labs it also governs behavior. The faculty and staff of the Computer Science Department require that all students foster an inclusive environment and promote a collegial, academic climate in the labs at all times. Specifically, vulgar language and lewd behavior are unwelcomed in the labs.

Violation of the computer usage agreement may result in a student's account being disabled and access to the labs being prohibited!

Dreamspark Premium (Formerly DAA (Formerly MSDNAA)) Information

Dreamspark Login.

Western Washington Computer Science department participates with the Microsoft Dreamspark Premium program. This allows for students to utilize select Microsoft Software for educational purposes (Details and EULA). This includes things such as Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Visual Studio, Access, Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange Server, as well as others. It does not include access to licenses of the Office Suite, though for that purpose we recommend looking at, or the University might have something. Software is distributed through onthehub.

Sign into onthehub for access to software provided through Dreamspark.

Software is only available while you are enrolled in a class and cannot be downloaded at any other time. We don't update the enrollment information until the end of the second week of the quarter, this is the end of Phase III registration. Your username is your MyWestern E-Mail address, and your password is E-Mailed to you from onthehub the first quarter you have an account. If you have forgotten your password or can't find it, you can have it re-sent by clicking forgot password on their site.

Main Labs Supported

  • CF162
  • CF164
  • CF405
  • CF414
  • CF416
  • CF418

Software Availability in the Lab

Many software packages are available in the Labs. We try to keep the configuration lean and poll faculty quarterly on what they need for the next term. If you are curious about what is on the image, please look at one of the below hyperlinks.

Spring 2017 Image

If you would like to request something not on the list, then write an email to and enumerate the package name (and rev if pertinent), the Operating Systems you want it on, the class it is needed for, why it is needed.

Full Time Support Staff

  • Dan van Pelt, Systems Manager
  • Dennis Terrell, Systems Administrator
  • Kyle Ricks, Systems Administrator

Informative Documents

MySQL Information

Mysql Account Information

Tunneling MySQL ports through SSH

SSH Information

How To Use and Configure SSH

Using SSH Agent

Tunneling MySQL ports through SSH

Senior Project Information

Senior Project Hosting

Checkout Forms

Lego Kit Checkout Form

Tablet Checkout Form

Generic Checkout Form

Library Links

Safari Books through WWU

ACM Digital Library through WWU

IEEE Explore

Surplus Equipment Information

Surplus Sales

Cluster Information

Computational Science at Western has a Sharepoint site for collaboration. CSAW_Site

Requesting access and Connecting to the Cluster

Secure File Hosting

Secure File Hosting from your Website

External Documentation


GitLab has its own extensive documentation. If you have a question that isn't resolved by reading our documentation or their documentation please feel free to contact us.


VeraCrypt has documentation for how to use the software. It can be found here.

Other Information

Student/Faculty Webserver

Microsoft Compiler Setup and Configuration


Proximity Cards

Any declared CS major may apply for a proximity card here. See Mary Tully, Dept Manager for more information – CF 495, 360-650-3805 or