CS Technical Survival Guide

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Welcome to the Computer Science Department

Whether you're here for one class, a minor or are planning for your Masters, this page will give you suggestions for making the most out of your computer science experience. Navigate through the topics for any questions you might have.

Accounts, Passwords, and Profile Storage

The difference between your CS account and the account you have for the rest of the university. Different ways to sign in to your CS account. Changing your accounts password and the specifics of the password needed.

Getting Around the Command Line

The command line comes in different forms from the Command Prompt on Windows to the Terminal on Unix based systems like Linux.

Virtual Machines

What this allows you to do. What not to do. VirtualBox vs VMWare.


Usage of git with minor commands and further documentation. Gitlab vs Github and what the department offers.


This guide is new and in its final stages of writing. If there are any spelling, grammar, or information errors, please let us know. Also let us know if there is anything else you would like to learn about!